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Since 1989, Nature’s Health Products manufacturing plant has been manufacturing high quality Chlorophyll in West Port, biggest port in Malaysia. Our location is strategic as it is located for the convenience of export and transportation for our Importers. West Port area is also a coming big name for HALAL products hub.

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Technology, Certification & Expertise
We are a fully certified Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard for manufacturing for Malaysia. Our manufacturing process is done in a Clean Room System, which is also a certification by the Malaysian government based on our hygiene of our plant since 1992.

In relation to that, we have the High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA) System is to filter and purify air for the whole manufacturing process, which is also used in hospitals nationwide. This is to ensure that we control the air and environment so that it does not contaminate the quality of our Chlorophyll.

Good raw material to make sure it is not contaminated, highest quality and with our Clean Room to ensure it is not contaminated. Every personnel are completely prepared following the Clean Room procedures before entering the processing area. Air Shower System – a technology for personnel hygiene before employees enter into the manufacturing area.

Our technology process is fully-automated and in-house system control from cleaning, filling, capping, labelling with advanced and patented technology. We also have a Research & Development (R&D) lab in the manufacturing plan for quality control testing purposes.

Finally, every batch of manufacturing is quarantined and sent for lab test by SGS, a well-known international, independent company for productivity, bacteria, micro-testing, heavy metal and expiry test which is called the Certificate of Analysis (COA) before export.

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